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  • All students at school will be working from the same Learning@Home platform and in the same way as those who are actually at home

  • Normal classes will not be running across the whole school (K-12)

  • Students will work in Learning Spaces as mixed grade-groups:

  •  High School: each Space will have a mix of Years 7-10; Year 11/12 students allocated to the Library and will be self-directed

  •  In each Learning Space social distancing guidelines will be adhered to: students will be allocated a 'work space' of their own, appropriately distanced from other students in the room

  •  Teachers will be allocated to these groups to supervise students as they work through the Learning@Home program; there will not be opportunity for normal teacher-student classroom-style teaching sessions

  • Access to subject teachers will be through Teams (Chat, Posts, video-calls}, the same for all students, regardless of where they are situated

  • Part of the Primary playground will be opened to High School students at break times, as Area 1 (main High School oval and gaga pit) will be closed

  • High School: Option subjects will not be running for High School students; although PE will still be timetabled and some 'Projects' offered as a break from academics

  • Seniors: To maintain appropriate distancing policy, there will be no Year 11/12 tutorials offered face-to-face nor will provisions be made at school for students to 'drop in' for tests

We have structured the Learning@School program like this to maximise the health and safety of all staff and students while at the same time creating the time needed for staff to effectively manage and facilitate the significant number of students who will be working from home. It is also a reflection of the importance we place on following the Government's directive to keep children at home to engage in learning programs where families have the capacity to do so. This should be the primary consideration for making a decision on sending children to school. 

Providing the same platform for all students (Learning@Home through Teams) regardless of their physical location means everyone's educational needs are being met equitably and to the best of our ability. 

If any of this information has caused you to re-assess your child's status for Term 2, we would encourage you to let the School know of the change or phone the School on 6425 0999 if you have questions and would like either Mrs Squire or Mr Wilson to call you to discuss this further. 

Thank you and all the best in these uncertain times -we are glad that God is faithful and very present among it all. 


Head of Curriculum, Rob Pople has prepared a series of videos to help you get started with Microsoft Teams. Please feel free to email him if you have any further questions or concerns.


Teachers will leave instructions for students about where and how to submit tasks. This could be through the ‘Class Notebook’ in Teams, via email or the ‘Chat’ function. Assessment Tasks will be submitted through the ‘Assignments’ tab in Teams, unless the teacher specifies otherwise. Further instruction can be found in the LCS Secondary Learning Programs - Parent Guide.


11.5.2020 - GOAL CARD VIDEO - Please take a moment to watch Mr Wilson's video about Goal Cards.

1) At the start of each week, students fill out the card with the goals for each subject which they can find on Teams (or in work that has been sent home in hard copy).

2) They work through each goal and as they are completed they are crossed off.

3) At the end of the week, parents sign the Goal Card and then the student uploads it (by taking a photo or uploading the PDF) to their Care Groups Team as an Assignment for that week.

4) Parents can download a new Goal Card from the website for the following week. Those who have opted for paper will be issued with a new card when new work is dropped off and can return the prior weeks Goal Card with the work the student has completed.


Many of our staff have taken the time to create content that you can enjoy from home! Check it out!


During this unprecedented season, staying connected is more important than ever! Our school community is vibrant, strong and caring! Here are ways you can ensure you are connected to the school. Please free to also contact our school and teachers anytime, we are missing you all and would love to hear from you!

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If at any point you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us or the School. 

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Jenna Squire

Head of Secondary

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Rob Pople

Head of Curriculum

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Tim Wilson

Head of Secondary

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