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Fostering this important partnership with parents and guardians and providing an environment of nurture and care for students is a key attribute of our School, one which builds a strong sense of community and ownership for everyone who is involved.  There are many exciting and unique ways to become involved, allowing everyone the opportunity to participate.



Leighland Christian School has a rich heritage which commenced with the formation of the Association in 1954. Your interest in Association membership is important to us and plays an important part in defining the school's goals and objectives into the future.

For more information, please watch this video.


LinC’s mission is to serve and connect the School community.  

The parent body partners with the wider school community, including students and teachers, to help foster a loving, inclusive and engaged community.  LinC is actively involved in the life of the School through a wide range of projects and events that are conducted around a Christ-centred approach, where love, support, grace and encouragement of others is evident and inviting. 

LinC’s key task is to provide our families with opportunities to connect, to contribute and to feel a valued part of the School community, across both campuses.  At Leighland Christian School, one of our foundational beliefs is that we are in partnership with the parents and guardians in the education of their children, as we actively look for opportunities to work together.

LinC and its branched Committees will operate in harmony with each other to provide all parents and guardians the opportunity to be more fully engaged with the School community.  We appreciate that strong, positive relationships need to exist between home and school, and that this harmonious relationship is in the best interest of the children in our schools.





Teachers love when parents and guardians are available to assist in the classroom. Each class has it's own unique needs, from listening to students practice their reading, being available for field trips or helping with craft and art. Parent help tends to happen more in our Lower Primary classes but if you are interested, please chat to your child's teacher about ways you can assist. 




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