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Please see the link below to our Grievances Policy (Community), Grievances Policy (Student) and our Child Safe Policy.

We understand that while we aim to always do our best for the members of our School community, we may not always get it right and that complaints, when dealt with in a positive and timely manner, can assist an organisation and community to improve. They can provide valuable feedback and help us to identify issues where we could improve our processes and practice. We also want to ensure that we are responsive, effective and fair in dealing with the matters that you raise.

It is important for us as a Christian School community, to follow the Biblical approach to dealing with problems and this expectation is outlined in our Policy. In fact, the Biblical basis for solving problems is not to shrink away or to hide from issues, but to deal with them in a God honouring manner, with integrity and care for the people we are serving.

Leighland Christian School (the School) is committed to ensure a school environment that is centred around the 10 National Principles of a Child Safe Organisation, in policy, practice and processes. Protecting the welfare of all students and their families, ensuring a safe and healthy environment characterised by tolerance and support; which also respects differing learning styles and celebrates student achievements is fundamental to who we are as a school.

The Universal Principle for Aboriginal Cultural Safely applies across all 10 Child and Youth Safe Standards. This means organisations must provide an environment that ensures Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s right to cultural safety is respected.

We are open to your feedback and will treat you with sensitivity, respect and fairness when responding to your concern. Our goal is to find a resolution to all matters that demonstrates our commitment and desire to continually improve the way we deal with complaints.

We also ask that you will provide an opportunity for us to respond to the problem or your feedback, so that by God’s grace, we can prevent it from becoming a bigger issue. We are committed to working with you.


As a first step, please read the Policy before you commence the procedure to lodge a formal complaint, as this will provide detailed guidance on who to see in the first instance and how to progress a matter if you cannot find a resolution. If needed, you can then lodge a written complaint via the link below.

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