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Leighland Christian School provides a number of fee payment options. Fee policies exist to ensure Christian education is not outside the reach of families. Our Fee payment options include using electronic transfer arrangements via Direct Debit, BPAY, Centrepay, QKR or EFTPOS. Fee Discounts apply for parents who pay their full fees in advance each year. This incentive will attract a 5% discount if the entire year is paid before Term 1 commences.






Fee Assistance Options

If you are a low income family you are encouraged to apply for Fee Assistance. Parents in a recognised full time Christian Ministry role or who are on leave from the mission field can arrange for Fee Assistance under our discount fee structure. Low income families invited to discuss affordable fee options using our Fee Subsidy program with the Busines Manager, Mr. David Grey. 






What do the fees include?
School fees are inclusive of all books and stationery and cover most other educational expenses except uniform, the occasional Home Ec items and some Year 11 & 12 subjects. This means there are no hidden education costs allowing parents to budget effectively.


Family discounts apply for the second and third child and there is no charge for the fourth child onwards. This keeps fees affordable for larger families.  Costs associated with travel or interstate excursions are not automatically included in fees.


Levy Structure

Please see the revised lower fee structure which commenced in 2016.  Sibling discounts apply for the second (50%), third (65%) and fourth child (100%).  Please download the Fee Information Sheet for more detailed information on fees and your payment options.


4 steps to enrol



To enrol at Leighland Christian School please contact the relevant campus for which you are applying and an appointment will be made for you to meet with the Principal.  The Principal will also take you on a tour of our facilities.


The Principal will then provide you with a  Family Application for enrolment and Student Application/s for enrolment.   A separate Student Application must be completed for each student.



To these forms please attach a copy of most recent school reports, medical/psychological assessments, birth certificate and any other relevant information as referred to in the Parent Checklist on Page 3 of the Family Application.  A $50 non-refundable application fee per family is to be paid upon lodgement of your application.


All enrolment forms and supporting documentation need to be submitted to the School Registrar before the enrolment process can begin.


After enrolment documentation has been received

If an Offer of a Place is being extended to a family, it is subject to their acceptance of the School’s Enrolment Contract.  Enrolling families must familiarise themselves with the Contract and return the signed document to the Registrar before a child can commence at the School. 
Once the signed Enrolment Contract is received by the Registrar, a Letter of Confirmation and copies of the Enrolment Application forms and Contract will be sent out to the families. 


Attendance at the Parent Induction course is a requirement for all new parents. 

This course introduces parents to the essentials of Christian education and highlights the different philosophies which determine how schools function.  As we know, Christian schools tend to look the same as secular schools from the outside, but the way in which we operate on the inside is quite different. 

 The course enables parents to have a much better understanding of how and why Christianity impacts the educational process and why we are, therefore, doing education differently. The course will be led by our Principals at each Campus.  New parents are notified well in advance of the time for the course and are provided with light refreshments. 

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