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  Year 7  

  Middle Years Program  

Welcome to the
Middle Years Program at Leighland!

We are elated that you are considering Leighland Christian School for Year 7 and 8! 

In the past, we have conducted many school tours with Year 6 students and their parents, and the resounding feedback is that parents wish they could come back and do school here!


This year, we are taking a more innovative approach to student learning, which places the student, your child, as the priority in their own learning journey, giving them more agency. We are incredibly excited to introduce our Middle Years program! A big focus will be on building on their 21st Century Skills through a variety of projects that have a real-world relevance. Students will become the drivers of their own learning; how exciting!

At the core, we provide your child with a loving Christ-centred environment in which they will feel safe and supported to learn and grow into the amazing people that God intended them to be.

There are so many incredible new things that we are doing at Leighland in 2024, so reach out to us to book a school tour today to learn more about it.


What are you waiting for? Come and join us now!

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Alice Huett

7 Year Level Leader

Prepare to SOAR

Deep Dive into the Middle Years Program at Leighland

video coming soon!

Passion & Purpose

We are committed to giving students the opportunity to discover their passions in life. By participating in a range of different and fun subject electives your child will get the chance to explore their passions and develop some really cool skills at the same time! 


We believe that each person has been created for a God-given purpose. Our hope is that we can help your child discover their God-given purpose and nurture them to grow into the fullness of all the riches that is in store for them.

Connect Lessons

Each student in Years 7 to 10 has one lesson of Connect per week. This occurs simultaneously for each class so we can connect as a school community in various ways. We believe that positive interpersonal connections are important for our wellbeing. 

Students have a Connect Lesson interspersed with assemblies and guest speakers. Lessons will vary but will include things such as resilience, emotional intelligence as well as investigating careers and various mental health topics. 

​The lessons are facilitated by a Care Teacher, and are hands-on, interactive, and discussion-based, allowing students to share and listen to their peers. Connect gives students time to learn communication skills while discovering more about who they are. 

Maths Pathway

Maths Pathway’s learning and teaching model supports teachers to deliver personalised learning to every student, increasing growth and engagement in the classroom. 


This unique program makes individualised learning practical where we focus on individual student growth in maths, not attainment levels. We believe every student is unique and so their journey of learning Maths should be too. 


Students will engage in continuous differentiated assessment which will provide information for valuable feedback and targetted intervention in a rich, personalised and engaging learning environment. 

Middle Years Values


Students are engaged in the school community, invested in their learning and have a personal voice and choice. 


Students feel connected, supported and a sense of belonging to the school community. 

Personal Achievement

Students achieve at their personal best with point of need learning where we focus on levels of growth not attainment.

Life at Leighland is...

Your Next Steps

Our heart behind the Leighland Christian School Middle Years program is that your child can come be a student at Leighland and feel connected and secure. Where we can allow them and nurture them to find their own passion and purpose.

Many families when they come here say that they feel something different here at Leighland, that there is a beautiful community and we can’t wait to welcome you to become a part of it. 

So we encourage you to book a tour and come and experience it for yourself. 

To find out more about our Middle Years Program at Leighland, you can:

  • Fill out an enrolment enquiry form and we will get back in touch with you

  • Book a tour to visit our Ulverstone campus to see where your child could be enrolled for Year 7.

We can't wait to see you next year


Middle School

45A Leighlands Ave. Ulverstone
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