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  Year 7  

  Middle Years Program  

Welcome to the Middle Years Program 
at Leighland

Thank you for being here and considering Leighland Christian School for your child in Year 7. We are incredibly excited to introduce our Middle Years program!

Over the course of this year, we have conducted many school tours with year 6 students and their parents and the resounding feedback is that parents wish they could come back and do school here!

It’s the innovative approach we are taking to student learning, which places the student, your child, as the priority in their own learning journey, which makes students, parents and teachers equally excited for 2023.

Overarching all of this is the fact that we provide a loving Christ-centered environment where your child will feel safe, supported and loved as they grow. 

Find all the incredible new things we are doing below and reach out to us to book a school tour today. 


Places are filling fast for year 7 in 2023, so don’t miss out! 

Prepare to SOAR

Passion & Purpose

We are committed to giving students the opportunity to discover their passions in life. By participating in a range of different and fun subject electives your child will get the chance to explore their passions and develop some really cool skills at the same time! 


We believe that each person has been created for a God-given purpose. Our hope is that we can help your child discover their God-given purpose and nurture them to grow into the fullness of all the riches that is in store for them.

Wellness  Lesson

Each student in years 7 to 10 next year will commence our Wellness Program. This will see them participate in a lesson each week focused on personal and mental health. This lesson will be hands-on, interactive and discussion-based so that students are sharing and listening to their peers, learning how to communicate with each other about important issues and also discovering more about who they are. 

The focuses of these lessons will vary but will include things such as resilience, stress management and coping skills and emotional intelligence. 

We believe that with the increase of social media and other pressures of being a teenager in today's society that this subject will be very pivotal to all students in our high school. 

Math Pathways

Maths Pathway’s learning and teaching model supports teachers to deliver personalised learning to every student, increasing growth and engagement in the classroom. 


This unique program makes individualised learning practical where we focus on individual student growth in maths, not attainment levels. We believe every student is unique and so their journey of learning Maths should be too. 


Students will engage in continuous differentiated assessment which will provide information for valuable feedback and targetted intervention in a rich, personalised and engaging learning environment. 

Middle Years Values


Students are engaged in the school community, invested in their learning and have a personal voice and choice. 


Students feel connected, supported and a sense of belonging to the school community. 

Personal Achievement

Students achieve at their personal best with point of need learning where we focus on levels of growth not attainment.

Deep Dive into the Middle Years Program at Leighland

video coming soon!

Life at Leighland is...

Your Next Steps

Our heart behind the Leighland Christian School Middle Years program is that your child can come be a student at Leighland and feel connected and secure. Where we can allow them and nurture them to find their own passion and purpose.

Many families when they come here say that they feel something different here at Leighland, that there is a beautiful community and we can’t wait to welcome you to become a part of it. 

So we encourage you to book a tour and come and experience it for yourself. 

To find out more about our Middle Years Program at Leighland, you can:

  • Fill out an enrolment enquiry form and we will get back in touch with you

  • Book a tour to visit our Ulverstone campus to see where your child could be enrolled for Year 7.

We can't wait to see you next year


Middle School

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