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Leighland Christian School  Burnie Campus Principal Mrs Elizabeth Scheu


Welcome to Leighland Christian School, the school of choice on the Northwest Coast of Tasmania. It
is my pleasure to introduce you to Burnie, a thriving campus of approximately 150 students; big
enough to provide some fabulous facilities and learning programs, but small enough to embrace a
truly engaged school community.

We are foremost a Christian School that exists in partnership with our parents and guardians to
provide a diverse and engaged teaching program, while remaining aligned with the Australian Curriculum. We are known for our committed staff, quality facilities, strong learning programs and intentional pathways to high school as we prepare students for a real-world education.

Our school vision reflects who we are, what we are aiming to achieve and the kind of environment
that we are purposefully developing to see students become all they can be, while reaching their
potential and developing 21 st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and risk-taking.

Vision: A hope filled Christian community pioneering personalised real-world education

Students engage in a variety of specialist subjects such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), library, HPE, music, choir, band, and optional instrumental lessons. Students in the music program write a plan for their own learning and set their personal goals so that they have a voice and actively participate in their learning pathways and skill development.

The campus hosts a thriving playgroup that meets most Thursdays over the year from 9.00am-11.00am. This program is designed to engage the littlest ones in the school community and prepare them for a smooth transition into Kinder when their time comes. This outreach of the school is available to all families in the community, and you are warmly invited to attend with your children 5 years and under.

Mission: Christ-centred K-12 education that inspires, nurtures, and equips students to connect
learning to life.

We want our students to be inspired to learn, whether that comes from spending time in the garden
nurturing the plants, engaging in a STEM lesson where they may be writing code to drive the robots,
during a HPE lesson where they push themselves just that little bit more in their beep test, or simply
in the classroom learning from and with their teachers and Learning Support Aides to grow in
wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Our heart’s desire is for each student to feel a sense of value, purpose and belonging to the school
and in our community. This is achieved through smaller class sizes, intentional intervention and
assistance from Learning Support, regular and honest feedback, and opportunities for parents and
guardians to be positively involved in the life of the school.

Values: Christian to the core we lead with Innovation, commit to Personalise Learning, embrace
Partnerships and seek to Serve

There is an established pathway to transition students to the Ulverstone Campus for High School
where they can continue their educational journey with many of their peers, bringing a sense of
familiarity when so many other things are changing around them.

The biblical foundations established in the early years continue to wind through and underpin the
educational programs and philosophies of both campuses. Children are personally known and valued
for their individual strengths and areas that need consolidation. Parents and guardians are involved
in any additional support programs for their child with open and consistent communication being a
distinctive feature of this support.

Our student leader program ensures that students are well represented and have a voice when it
comes to the life of the school. They participate in such activities as Worship Wednesday and Fitness
Friday, as well as running a lunchtime program once a week for students across the school.

Teaching staff form professional learning communities with their peers on the Ulverstone Campus to
ensure consistency in their teaching programs and alignment with the Australian Curriculum, while
also planning assessments, camps, excursions, and other activities together.

At each entry to the school, we have the words ‘You are welcome here’ and I trust that this will be
your experience when you take the opportunity to find out why we are so much more than just a
school and instead a place where you want to be!

I welcome you to join me for an individual tour that takes you through each area of the school, as
there is so much more to us and our facilities than can be seen from a drive-by.

I look forward to meeting you then.


Ulverstone Campus

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Our Curriculum

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A God Aware School

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