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Leighland Christian School wants to proactively partner with families and local business to ensure we all continue to thrive and flourish after COVID19. To assist with this we have launch B2Me, an online community directory that allows us all to connect.


If you are looking for a guitar teacher, rather then asking Facebook, why not look on the Leighland B2Me page and support a local family? Are you a skilled seamstress or an auto electrician? Sign up as a service provider and gain access to a community that wants to support you!

It's quick and it's absolutely FREE!

Step 1:             Visit the app store or google play and download B2Me  

Step 2:             Click on ‘Free sign Up’ located at the top right of the page 

Step 3:             Sign up using one of the social buttons or alternatively with your email  

Step 4:             Select provider (provider of a service)  

Step 5:             Follow the prompts to complete your profile 

Step 6:             When asked to join a community, click on ‘Schools, Colleges and Universities’ then click on Leighland Christian      School. Continue the sign-up process. 

Step 7:             When your page is built, continue to build your personal page and follow the prompts to add your business contact details and build your network by inviting anyone you know to join B2Me via the options provided. 

Having issues signing up? Please feel free to contact our Community Relations officer - Tamara Grey for assistance.

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