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At our Ulverstone Campus, children can experience the full spectrum of Christian education from pre Kinder extending through to Year 12.  We seek to build their confidence right from the time they join us in infant classes, carefully guiding and nurturing students through the important Primary years, laying a solid foundation for their Middle School studies in Years 7 and 8.  This provides them with a wonderful stepping stone into Junior Secondary in which the curriculum broadens, providing them with many options for developing all of their God–given gifts and talents.  Our students continue to blossom and bloom as they face the challenges of Senior Secondary studies and, from there, move onto university, traineeships, apprenticeships or go out into the workforce.  Students who are able to be educated from Kindergarten to Year 12 in the one school with the same consistent approach have a tremendous advantage.

We find that even though we have approximately 500 students attending, our Christ-centred approach ensures that each student is valued as a unique individual and there is no possibility of anyone being ‘lost in the crowd’.  We find that senior and junior students work very well together, enhancing the educational experience, providing many opportunities for older students to mentor and tutor younger ones.

Each student is extremely important to us and we are committed to giving them the best opportunities to maximise their learning.  We provide a stimulating, encouraging and supportive environment for all, celebrating their unique personalities and providing for their diverse educational needs.  We seek to build their characters and provide them with a deep understanding of how to make good choices and sound decisions as they mature.  Learning how to care for others, work in teams and promote unity are important features of our culture.  We help our students to establish a vision for their future and to work hard to realise all of their potential.

Our campus features modern facilities, is well resourced and is located very close to the beach, providing us with many beautiful areas in close proximity for extra curricula activities. Our Learning Enrichment Centre is a wonderful recent addition which enables our Special Needs and Academically Gifted students to experience a specialised learning environment.

I would love to talk with any parent about what our campus has to offer your child(ren). Please feel free to contact me by phone or, better still, make an appointment so we can speak face to face.

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