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As a part of the year 11 & 12 Computer Applications course, Students have been asked to conduct Market Research to analyse and prepare.

We appreciate your assistance in filling in our surveys.



Liquid Foundation

I'm collecting data to make some decisions on how my product will go in the marketplace. My product is liquid foundation.

Click on the picture to take my survey on Survey Monkey.

Tropical Fruit Dessert

Allergy Free Snacks

My product is allergy-friendly snacks, they are designed to cater for those who suffer from food allergies and food intolerances. 

The survey is designed to collect data about my product and to gain insight into how well it will go in the market. To complete my survey, please click on the image.

thumbnail_image (1).png

Phone Data

My survey is about phone data and usage.

Image by Sam Moqadam


This product is a projector, I made it easy to use so if you struggle to use a projector you can get this very easy to use projector. 

The projector is full HD with 1080p, only have milliseconds delay and is portable so you can take it where ever you need. The projector is Energy efficient and with a low noise design. I would love to see some people do my survey on survey monkey. Click on the picture to do my survey.

Fibre Optics

Fibre Optic Internet

My product is a fibre optic internet connection. It is the fastest connection that is generally only offered to big businesses.

Please complete the survey by clicking the image.

The purpose of the survey is find out if the average person would be happy to pay a bit extra for faster internet.


Online Privacy

This survey is about how much you use your phone, apps you use and what privacy you use for your accounts online.


Online Security

My survey will collect data about how you use your mobile phone.

There are also some questions on what you know about keeping your data safe.

Survey Image.png

Online Security

This survey is made to find out about the basics of how you use your phone and your knowledge of your privacy/security online.

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