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UPDATE 24.4.2020 

Please note that Term 2 will be starting a week later due to recent announcements from the Premier of Tasmania.
Learning@Home Packs will now be picked up on Monday 4 May and the Term will commence on Tuesday 5 May.

Please phone the school if you have any concerns.

The Leighland Christian School Primary team have planned and prepared our Learner Programs to be delivered to students and families at home. We want to support you and your children in this very difficult and uncertain situation that our community is currently navigating. As we do this, our highest priority is that we utilise every means possible to remain connected with each other as well as God. Please take a moment to read the following document:


Curriculum Delivery

Whether students are at home or at school because they need to be, they will be learning and completing the same work and covering the same content in both settings.

Hard Copies for ALL students in Week One

Monday 4  May is a STUDENT FREE DAY.  We are asking that all families come in on that day to collect the first Learning@Home packs for all students, as teachers have prepared many additional resources that cannot be sent home electronically. These will support student’s learning over the coming weeks.

Use of TEAMS

This Microsoft platform will become the main way that we deliver work to students who at Learning@Home and have selected to have electronic copies. Directions for use will be sent out in a separate email so that we do not overwhelm you with information. Teachers may also video call students through this platform. Teachers in Kinder to Year Two will use this platform from time to time as the children may not have the skills they need to engage with it in a more detailed manner.  

Contact with the class teacher

Teachers and teacher aides have been allocated to supervise students and learning spaces at school. When they are not on class, they will be contacting students and families to assist with learning and to help with further explanations or advice with the schoolwork. We are committing to calling or videoing home to students each week so that contact with their teacher is maintained and help is available when it is needed. Of course, an email at any time is also encouraged and then the teachers can respond when they are free.


Digital Delivery or hard copy packs

Thank you for indicating through our surveys as to what your preference would be for the delivery of learning materials to your child/ren. If you have indicated that you would prefer digital delivery, please understand that at times work will need to be printed to complete and scanned or photographed to return for marking. If this means you have changed your mind about the preferred delivery method, then please contact your class teacher directly.

Support for students on an ILP or SSP

These students will continue to be supported and looked after by each of our staff members, as they are when they are at school. This will come from extra communication between home and school, modified work as per their IEP goals and support learning resources as we are able to make and produce them.

Kinder to Year Two

We would recommend you select a hard copy of the work for children in Kinder to Year two as a LOT of their work requires printing on to A3 sheets so that they are the right size for the students to be able to cut, paste, manipulate, write and draw on. Many of their tasks require them to complete tasks such a cutting, gluing, colouring etc. and we would only be too happy to provide everything that they need to be able to do this well.

Learning Spaces at School

We will have two learning spaces open at school. One will be for students from Kinder to Year Two and the other will be from grade Three to Six. There will be a teacher and teacher aide in each of these spaces each day.


You will notice, in either your hard copy pack or on the TEAMS platform, that there is a Learning Goals sheet. Each week the children need to tick off the tasks they have completed for that week, parents sign the bottom of it and these are returned to school. They will become evidence of student’s attendance in a similar way as we mark a roll at school. It is essential that these are returned each week to your classroom teacher.

Returning completed work

Drop off and pick up of work will be each Friday from 9 am to 3 pm in the MPH. Please refer to the map included in the Parent guide.

If you have selected to complete work online, teachers will be in contact with you about the collection of completed work for marking.

Borrowing from the library

UPDATE 28.4.2020 

The Library will remain open for students Learning@school with normal day to day borrowing.

For students Learning@home, we are still encouraging borrowing to take place. We cannot have you going without books!!

For students Kinder to Year 12, we are happy to organize a book pack to be collected from the allocated pick up area at the school upon request.   Requests would need to be in by Wednesday afternoon ready for the Friday pickup. Renewal requests may be sent through to

Returns may be placed in the Book Return Tub which will be located in the MPH.



Please keep in communication with your classroom teacher, about whether the learning packs have contained too much or too little for your child, so that these can be adjusted.

We desperately miss having all our students in at school with us; we miss their laughter, their cheekiness, their friendships and their darling little faces. Please continue to communicate with your class teachers, to send in photos of Learning@Home and to drop us a line so that we can keep our school community and connections strong.

If at any time you have concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Freshney , Mr Ben .jpg

Ben Freshney

Head of Primary at Ulverstone


Ulverstone Secondary School Head of Curriculum, Rob Pople has prepared a series of videos to help you get started with Microsoft Teams. Please feel free to email him if you have any further questions or concerns. These instructions will work for the Primary School at Burnie as well.


Many of our staff have taken the time to create videos that your children can use to feel connected to the school and their teachers. Take a look!


During this unprecedented season, staying connected is more important than ever! Our school community is vibrant, strong and caring! Here are ways you can ensure you are connected to the school. Please free to also contact our school and teachers anytime, we are missing you all and would love to hear from you!

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